Thursday, December 22, 2016

My Journey


  1. Salam Kelvin.,

    I cant believe that i watched the whole 49 minutes video. It really tells a lot about you, your struggle, your ups and somehow tells me that, hey, this is life, full of challenges and failures and denials, however, after every failure there comes success. Im surprised that you have lost a lot of money thru scams, failing business, MLM, etc but you never give up and finally able to buy a house and good car (vios) haha. We are at the same age but you succeed better than me although my luck and my life is way better than you. This is very inspirational. I find this blog from the viral post in facebook. I will show your video to my wife and my brothers and sisters to show that in life, nothing is easy but at the same time, nothing is impossible. Thanks a lot for making this video. Assalamualaikum...

    1. Wskm Arin Zahari. Although i have lost a lot of money thru scams, failing business, MLM, but, finally i found there is one company which is Not scam, and is the real & strong company, Amway. I am still doing it. you can contact me for more info,
      013-385 0588

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  3. Whoaaa your life so tough but interesting at the same time time. My life a bit boring since I just follow the flow~ school-university-working life. I really respect you because you don't give up and may Allah reward you with jannah. Aminn